Good Practice Policies

By using Yusra App you agree to adhere to our good practice policies when interacting with end users, administrators and volunteers:

General Principles

  • Do not touch other users and volunteers. Maintain social distancing.
  • Have respect for the opposite gender and interact only as much as is necessary in a professional manner.


  • Have respect for end users, administrators and volunteers.
  • Do not use obscene language.
  • Display the best manners and character at all times.


  • Do any good deed with the upmost sincerity.
  • Try your best to hide your deeds unless there is a reason to tell others.
  • Pray for end users, volunteers and administrators in your free time.


  • If a user, volunteer or administrator has given you information that they have asked you not to share with anyone else then this is a trust that you must keep between you and that person. Unless there is a very good reason to tell someone else please refrain from doing so.

This policy is currently being updated.