Yusra App is an on-demand volunteering app

Looking to help others? In need of help? We got you covered.

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Key Features

3 levels of security

Basic DBS checks, Enhanced DBS checks and a unique volunteer referral system which mutually connects all volunteers.

Rewards & Sponsorships

Choose the rewards you want when completing tasks or choose to support a charitable cause instead.

Unique Interactive Map

Search for tasks within your local community or expand your radius to help those further away. Identify tasks using our unique markers.

Collaborate Together

For the very first time you can now safely and efficiently collaborate and communicate with other nearby professionals to solve local problems together.

Stay Anonymous

The only volunteering app that allows you to stay anonymous. Whether public or anonymous, what matters is you receive the help you deserve.

Find Work

Free training programmes and the opportunity to gain practical experience is simply not enough. We go the extra mile and help you get into employment.


I am a person with a physical disability. I needed help with food. Yusra put me in touch with a local volunteer who brought me cooked food once a week. They helped me a lot.

Anonymous user

You will be absolutely amazed at how many people actually need help in your local community. Till today me and my family are still helping users in our local area that we first met through Yusra App.

Hamzah Zahid

As one of the very first volunteers to sign up to Yusra App I have seen the project go from strength to strength over the last two years. The app allowed me to safely connect to nearby neighbours who I didn't even know of whilst staying anonymous.

Anonymous volunteer

I pray this app continues to grow and becomes a means of connecting us with our neighbours. This is an obligation that we as a community have been neglecting for far too long.

Anonymous volunteer

There’s a volunteer who keeps an eye on my situation and keeps asking me of how I’m doing. In this unprecedented time it’s very important to feel reassured of someone caring about your welfare. I’m really grateful for the regular checkups.



What services can users ask for?

Help with child care, help if sick, elderly assistance, food support, help finding a teacher and advice. Two additional services have been added to help with the COVID-19 pandemic: Start a mutual aid group and support with self isolating.

What services can users NOT ask for?

Financial assistance, emergency assistance and professional care.

Who can join the app?

Anyone can join as a user. If you would like to join as a volunteer you will need to be verified first.

How are volunteers verified?

Option 1: Via an existing volunteers referral code.
Option 2: Via one of our volunteer on-boarding partners.

What is IPFRA?

The Islamic Permaculture & Family Retreat Association is a project managed by Yusra App with the purpose of building an open-source blueprint for an Islamic family retreat that incorporates the principles of permaculture and off-grid living at its core. More info here.

What is The Vault?

This is a fund that we are setting up to help financially support vulnerable users and dedicated volunteers. More info here.

A unique way of giving back to our community

Our principles of care, respect and integrity have led us to developing ‘The Vault’, a completely unique charitable fund that will be used to help both users and volunteers. This fund provides financial assistance, university scholarships, wedding allowances, help with housing, help with child care, help with hospital bills, help with the costs of burial, volunteer training and much more. It is our way of saying thanks and giving back to our community.

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